Friday, October 10, 2014

New York Comic Con: Day 3 Awaits Us!

We've been having a lot of fun at New York Comic-Con this weekend, interacting with fans and writing The Conventional Adventures of Isabel Gonzalez. Chapter 2 is up and, true to form, has included all of the suggestions made on day 1 of the con. I feel I did a good job with the subject matter, considering how many people gave us forms and how many papers contradicted other papers.

Due to issues with our printer, we finally got CDs at the end of the day, and will have them on sale on both days 3 and 4. Stop by to win one or pick your CD up! They look fantastic in their cases and match the color scheme on the posters. We were able to get the CD playing at the booth today, so everybody was able to listen to the music, and by the end of the day everybody had the songs stuck in their heads.

We kept singing them all the way to the after party, where I performed the remix of Midnight Rave and my friend Americk performed the track Star Wars from the SqrL-X album. It was a lot of fun to perform these tracks and to put the album together! I'm really hype for people to see the discs themselves. Stop by and get your copy!

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