Monday, August 25, 2014

The White Rose of Fiorazzurro: Prologue

The White Rose of Fiorazzurro
Prologue (or, “Only For Those Who Have Never Heard of Dvorak”)

Llorin Faction, Dealey Quadrant
AUTHOR: Solo Operative Isabel Louisa Maria Gonzalez

I, Isabel Gonzalez of the Dealey Faction, previous second guardian of world Y-MH-560-A, have completed my training to become a full member of QWERTY. As a solo operative, I will oversee the merging and separation of realities per QWERTY’s guidelines, the Colemak clause, and set rules on string theory and related sciences. I do want to bring to attention an important set of events that has been affecting the Dealey Quadrant as of late, most regarding Dvorak Romanov, our Substitute.

To all new QWERTY operatives, and especially those who may be reading this report in a language other than Terraian English or Spanish, please take note: A successful merge of universes requires a guardian from each world to be chosen by QWERTY operatives. These two (or three or more) guardians will then converge in limbo to decide what stays and what goes in the new reality that will result. If a guardian is not found for a world for whatever reason, a Substitute from QWERTY will stand in to assist.

Herein lies our problem. Our Substitute for the Dealey Faction, Dvorak Romanov, has been messing with our missions -- mine in particular -- ever since I volunteered my services as second guardian of my world. Dvorak has been going into hiding at the start of every mission, making a meeting in limbo impossible and severely damaging our assignments. When we have found him and cornered him regarding these issues, he has used his QWERTY powers and communicator to distort reality in a way that enables us helpless against him, often requiring us to pool our resources to try and fix reality in the limited window we have before merge.

Please note the files of Aurora Radilla de la Pasquale and Raz Hagopian, most particularly regarding world Y-MK-442 and their effective loss of all three realities involved because of Dvorak’s lack of cooperation. You may also reference the files from my original case, Y-MH-560. My best friend Carissa Lopez was selected by Sarah Dealey and her assistant, Mick Spowers, to be the guardian of my world. However, Dvorak altered reality enough that she had to abandon her post, and I became temporary guardian to help her ensure our reality survived.

Also of note is Dvorak’s attention to the Dealey Five, five new operatives of QWERTY originally from world Y-MH-560-B. They have completed four missions with QWERTY, all involving Dvorak in one form or another. In addition, Dvorak actively worked to stop these operatives from reaching QWERTY headquarters in the first place, and it was up to me and my friends to get them back home.

All told, Dvorak is a very dangerous person. However, QWERTY rules state he cannot be stripped of his Substitute status until another Dealey Quadrant member stands up to take his place and he approves it. This is not only being sent out as a warning to all QWERTY operatives, but also as a request to the oligarchy that rules over QWERTY: please, please, please do something about Dvorak. Enough people have died, enough worlds have been destroyed, and he needs to be stopped.

Isabel Louisa Maria Gonzalez

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