Saturday, July 19, 2014

Greetings From Limbo: A Rough Start

As Dvorak has evolved and become the series it is today, I've used several different ways to get a hold of readers. Today, I introduce another one. Welcome to Greeting From Limbo, our new status update template. Every once in a while, I'll post updates from QWERTY headquarters about things you need to know as far as the series is concerned. (The idea is to have different characters be on the headers, such as our friend Isabel here.)

And, to be honest, this post is a long time coming. Long time readers of Dvorak have seen how updating of the series has been sporadic over the past few months throughout Digital Merge, finally finding its rhythm within this month -- and just in time, as well. In order to get book 3 out this year, I have to keep up with Digital Merge through the end of its run, just cutting it the way we need to.

There are a few announcements I wanted to make regarding this:

-- Digital Merge will continue to update with two chapters each week until the end. These chapters will be written the same week they are posted.

-- Following Digital Merge's run, the as-of-yet unannounced Book 3 will update with two chapters each week, one on Friday and one on Tuesday. The main difference here is that these chapters will be pre-written. Some of them are already uploaded as drafts to this website, and will be published automatically on the correct day.

I know what you're thinking: "Come on, Emily. This is against what you originally said about the Dvorak series. You wanted it to be interactive and to have the plot driven by the fans!" That's all fine and dandy, save that I haven't heard anything along the lines of suggestions from fans in months, as well as the plot becoming complex enough that I have to step in and make some decisions regarding it in order for it to move forward in a coherent matter. I left the majority of planning for Digital Merge in the hands of fans, but when the card game idea didn't shake out, it started falling apart. (I'm not pointing fingers, but one person knows what he needs to fix.)

I've been writing Book 3 as part of July's session of Camp NaNoWriMo. I don't anticipate I'll actually get done with the book during the month of July -- I have a lot of other things going on -- but I anticipate to have 50,000 quality words of draft available for you to read in traditional Dvorak fashion. There's been a bit of planning, but nowhere near what I would normally plan for a NaNoWriMo month. I'm happy to report that Book 3 is coming together really well and will be a joy and a reward for Dvorak readers who have stayed with me; plus, Book 3 can be started fresh so you don't need to know ANYTHING about the Dvorak series to read Book 3.

The title will be announced August 1st, with the series premiering here mid-August.

In other news:

-- The Dvorak series will be returning to New York Comic Con on October 9-12, 2014. Barring any more confusion with our booth. More information will come as we are confirmed.

-- In preparation for this, the print version of The Dealey Five will finally be available. Our planned street date is for the end of August at the very latest.

-- In addition, the street date of Digital Merge will also be at the end of August, quite possibly at the end of September. This is so that three volumes of Dvorak -- Classic, The Dealey Five, and Digital Merge -- can be available at convention with a fourth serializing.

-- As long as we have the booth reserved, there will be an additional surprise regarding NYCC...but I'm going to save that one for a little later on. Can't reveal everything at once now, can I :)

-- The original Dvorak Classic is now available on Jukepop Serials. If you enjoyed our first adventure, be sure to visit, give it a reread (the edited version is the one up on Jukepop), and sign up to vote for it! The plan is to serialize Book 3 there as well once it begins, if all goes well. The Dealey Five and Digital Merge will be added at a later date.

That is it for now. I hope to add more usability to the website over the next few weeks or so. This place is in serious need of some links. With the series able to be read on this site, Wattpad, Jukepop, as well as in print, all of that needs to be organized. If you come up with ways to organize this better than I have it now, please let me know!

See you next time in limbo,

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