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QWERTY Administration

The Quintessential Works for Everyday Reasons To Yield (English acronym; original language is now dead) is a multi-universe organization formed long ago. Its primary function is to monitor and handle the merging, separation, and collision of dimensions. QWERTY's origins are unknown as of this time, but its functions are necessary to ensure existence continues in favor of all that is good and light. QWERTY is divided into several factions; our stories follow the Dealey Faction, which is primarily based in assisting universes with life in their Milky Way galaxy.

When two worlds are about to collide, a representative for each is chosen to help decide what stays and what disappears from each world before they collide. These talks happen in an in-between dimension, created for each merge, called limbo. If a representative is not chosen for a world, a rep from QWERTY will fill in. If the two worlds are separating, QWERTY assistance is needed to make sure each resulting universe is a perfect carbon copy, from which its own history can be built. All of these changes happen with no knowledge to the general public, save for the chosen guardians and anybody they pick to know.

In a proper merge, elements from both worlds disappear to ensure the others survive. This means that people and places exist in duality, and during the merge, one must be eliminated in order for the other to survive. In special cases, certain people slated for elimination upon merge will instead be pulled from the universe and made members of QWERTY. Instead of being wiped from existence, their new job will be to help QWERTY.

The QWERTY base exists on a plane outside of space and time; therefore, members typically do not age or change. Normal bodily functions are suspended; while eating, breathing, and sleeping functions are not disturbed, diseases are unable to progress and monthly cycles are interrupted. Changes to these can only be made while in another world's limbo. Each QWERTY member has a chip installed into the base of their neck, wired to their brain, that helps with memory function and enables linguistic translation, and also receives a communicator designed as a cellular phone for interdimensional contact.

Sarah Dealey
Role: Faction Leader
Age Designation: 19
Home World: Y-MH-124-B, Unknown (presumed New York City, USA)
Jacket Color: Black

Sarah is the leader of the Dealey Faction, which is named for her (as are the Dealey Five). Eternally nineteen, she speaks as a leader, is often neurotic, hates paperwork, but is passionate about her job. Sarah has fought through the ranks to become a faction leader, and while her track record is nothing to be smiled at, two major successes stand out on her record: the rescue of the D'Aoli faction from the collapsing world Y-MK-777-B, and the initiation of Operation Colemak on world Y-MH-560-A (which is detailed in Dvorak Classic).

Sarah doesn't talk about her past, but Mick seems to infer she had some sort of leadership experience before she was pulled from her world. Even though she speaks English without an accent (thereby making English the official language of the Dealey Faction), the slang terms she sometimes uses indicate she may be from America. She watches over the faction with an iron fist, and sometimes still involves herself in missions. Sarah keeps her friends close and her enemies closer: the only person she remotely seems to be close to is Mick Spowers, her fiance.

Mick Spowers
Role: Assistant Faction Leader
Age Designation: 22
Home World: Y-MM-226-A, Prattein Gabel, Iamter, Xando
Jacket Color: White

Mick is Sarah's right-hand assistant and practically the only person Sarah will talk to. He is, in many ways, the direct opposite of Sarah: friendly and easy to get a hold of. It is often said if you want to talk to Sarah, talk to Mick instead. Mick often organizes each mission's limbo and makes sure it is properly closed at the end of each session. He also properly initiates all new members to the Dealey Faction and makes sure they receive their jackets, chips, and communicators. Mick appears to be from a different world than Sarah or the others, but does not talk about his experiences either. He met Sarah in their initiation class; despite the fact that they are opposites, they made good teammates, eventually assigned to the same team. He proposed to her after almost losing her on assignment (although who knows when they'll actually get married; this is Sarah we're talking about, after all).

Isabel Louisa Maria Gonzalez
Role: Assistant to Guardian/Guardian/Initiated Member as of January 20, 2013 (local)
Age Designation: 17
Home World: Y-MH-560-A, New York City, USA
Jacket Color: Lime Green

Initiated during Dvorak Classic, Isabel is the guardian of world Y-MH-560-A, assisting in the completion of Operation Colemak to her detriment. The daughter of Dominican parents living in New York City, Isabel is the unlikely best friend of Carissa Lopez, the other guardian of Y-MH-560-A. When Carissa disappeared into limbo to help rewrite the world, Isabel volunteered herself as the new guardian to prevent the evil Dvorak from taking over, and sacrificed herself in limbo to enable Carissa and her friends to get home, fulfilling Carissa's plan for the new world. In the process, she was chosen to become a new member of QWERTY.

Isabel seems a bit naive but honestly wants to learn more about the organization; while on Earth, she assisted Carissa with her duties as guardian and even made lists of discrepancies between her world and others (to be fair, they were all hoaxes, but at least she tried). She considers herself a fashionista, loves shopping, is fluent in Spanish, and always wears her trademark penguin socks with her uniform. As previous guardian, she is unable to be seen by her friends except for January 20th of each year, the day the limbo was created.


(If you are reading this document with an Internet browser, chances are you are on this world.)

Carissa Lopez
Role: Guardian
Age: 17

Carissa was chosen as the first guardian of the now-formed Y-MH-560-C, chosen by Sarah and Mick to represent her world. She was given two weeks to find Dvorak, the representative for Y-MH-560-B (the world hers was merging into) so they could go to limbo for delegations. When Dvorak started to destroy her world instead, she found her way to limbo by herself.

Carissa's grandparents came to New York City as immigrants, living in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan. She goes to school on 72nd Street, around the corner from her favorite Saint Arbucks. Carissa is used to stability and doesn't take change well, tending to be a person who would rather hide and let others fix the problem than fix it herself. She doesn't have any particular special talents or hobbies, other than hanging with her friends. Her being chosen as guardian is the first time her intellect and spirit are challenged and made to change, and she rises to the challenge and initiates Operation Colemak.

After the events in Dvorak Classic, she is dating Mac Taggart and decides to find out what she wants to do with the rest of her life, knowing she wants to help people somehow. She uses her apartment as a meeting place for The Dealey Five while they look for their members, until an explosion causes an evacuation. Her catchphrase is "Dios mio," often said in moments of exasperation. She also loves chai, with an extra shot of espresso.

Macardle Irving Taggart
Role: Assistant to Guardian
Age: 18

Mac goes to the same school as Carissa and is considered a "nerd" by his classmates, so far ahead in the curriculum that he sits in the back and reads books. Mac is aware that he is smart and wants to go to a local school on scholarship so he can help provide for his mother. It is revealed that him and his mother were illegal immigrants from Ireland using someone else's Social Security Number; this is corrected by Carissa when she rewrites the world in limbo.

Mac usually provides the brains of Carissa's operations in Dvorak Classic. He attends her school on scholarship; he lives in Coney Island, Brooklyn, which is about as far from 72nd Street in Manhattan as a person can get. Because of this, he drives an e-bike from borough to borough, also using it in clutch points during his adventures. He notably does not like coffee or tea, much to Carissa's chagrin. At the end of Dvorak Classic, he begins dating Carissa and is applying to schools. His apartment in Coney Island is used as a meeting base for The Dealey Five; while is is far from Manhattan, it is also used because of its proximity to Brighton Beach.

Peter Doyle
Role: Assistant to Guardian
Age: 17

Peter is the star basketball player on the school team. At the beginning of Dvorak Classic, he is considered a nuisance to Carissa and Mac, until the universe slips start affecting him as well. He begins helping Carissa and Mac when he can, notably assisting Mac with a cricket bat in the search for the Gutenberg Bible. He is brash, loud, and talks without realizing the consequences of his actions. By the end, he has improved somewhat, and he remembers the events of the story.

Isabelle Plotnikov
Role: Unknown
Age: 17

Isabelle is Isabel Gonzalez's dopplegangar, replacing her in world C when Isabel becomes part of QWERTY. Her actions are similar to Isabel's, though her parents are from the Ukraine, not the Dominican Republic. She is unaware that she is from a now-dead world, and as such Carissa and Mac have to hide their adventures -- as well as the truth behind The Dealey Five -- from her. Like her dopplegangar, Isabelle wears penguin socks and loves shopping.

The Y-MH-560-B Initiates
(also known as The Dealey Five) 

Tamasine Matsumoto (松本魂音)
Role: Initiated Member as of July 1, 2013 (local)
Code Name: Matsumoto
Age Designation: 13
Home World: Y-MH-560-B, Tokyo, Japan
Jacket Color: Red

Often just called "Tama," Tamasine is the de-facto leader of the Dealey Five. As the eldest of six siblings before the merge, he naturally helps lead the group anyway, so the title is a good fit. Born in a war-torn Tokyo, he was saving his youngest sister from an air raid when the world collapsed around him. Upon arriving at QWERTY headquarters, he realized he could remember his last name, going solely by Matsumoto until remembering his identity.
Tama is often wise beyond his years and keeps his cool, not letting Rosa's sassiness or Jason's sweet talking faze him. He doesn't say what's on his mind, preferring to not ruffle any feathers and to keep the contingent going. He will be the first to do something for someone else, caring less about his own being. Tama may come off as stuffy to some, but he does have a sense of humor, likes playing small pranks, and has a sweet tooth that even Saint Arbucks can't hold. He considers his family -- now The Dealey Five -- to be the most important thing to him.

Rifka Ivanovna Moscavitz
Role: Initiated Member as of July 1, 2013 (local)
Code Name: Milaya
Age Designation: 13
Home World: Y-MH-560-B, Moscow, Russian USSR
Jacket Color: Forest Green

Called "Milaya," a term of endearment, Rifka grew up on the streets of a Soviet Moscow controlled by the State. After making friends with an Armenian boy in a holding camp, she became outraged when the government ordered all camps to be shut down and destroyed. Her stand against the government was halted midway through by the merge of her world into Carissa's.
Rifka is headstrong and stubborn when it comes to a cause she believes in. At first, this was the Soviet underground in America, the KGB, but after Tamasine bought her Russian pancakes and sour cream, her allegiances began to switch. She is often quiet, but not because of shyness, only because she reserves her words, and speaks quite formally. As a child she trained to become a ballet dancer and still retains most of her skills, enabling her to be quite physically effective (second to Jason). She is charming at every turn, but if you turn against her, she will continue to be charming while secretly plotting your demise in her head.

Jason Jones
Role: Initiated Member as of July 1, 2013 (local)
Code Name: Squirrel
Age Designation: 14
Home World: Y-MH-560-B, Los Angeles, USA
Jacket Color: Blue

A breakdancer from Los Angeles, California, Jason is the adopted son of an interracial couple (though was never told so, only hearing this as their secret). He was watching television on an otherwise normal night when the world collapsed around him, and he awoke in Central Park in the new world with his boombox by his side. The disc in the boombox says his last name on it and is filled with remixes by the artist Squrrlax (yes, reader request).
Jason is a true Cali boy at heart -- laid back, relaxed, and could care less about anything. The only thing he worries about is his boombox, which is constantly trying to be stolen. His nonchalance comes off as confidence, but annoys Tama to no end. Jason doesn't watch his mouth and is the most likely character to curse. In addition to his breakdancing, which brings in a small profit, he is versed in the art of parkour. If you need a ninja, Jason's your man.

Rosa Elena Meira Querida
Role: Initiated Member as of July 1, 2013 (local)
Code Name: Amiga
Age Designation: 16
Home World: Y-MH-560-B, Mexico City, Mexico
Jacket Color: Violet

Rosa's previous life was as Jorge Querida's daughter, inheritor to the Querida fortune and superstar on the network of the same name. She was an all-star, a singer, an actress, and everybody's darling until Christmas Day, when reports surfaced that she was the one in charge of a bombing at the National Cathedral in Mexico City. Taken into custody, Rosa was receiving mental illness treatment when the worlds merged.
As one can imagine, Rosa comes off as a spoiled daddy's girl; she goes shopping with her Sperry QWERTY credit card and makes the others carry her bags. She is usually the first to complain when physical force is involved, and insists on wearing her heels everywhere she goes. Despite this, she also has a strong sense of justice and is the first to set out to find the three missing members of The Dealey Five. She has no problems enforcing QWERTY's rules -- she just has to look flawless at the same time, and nobody would expect any less from a diva like her.

Jianliang Xiao
Role: Initiated Member as of July 1, 2013 (local)
Code Name: Didi
Age Designation: 11
Home World: Y-MH-560-B, Beijing, Chinese USSR
Jacket Color: Sunflower Yellow

Brought up in a one-child family, Jianliang -- called Jen by Tama and eventually the rest of the crew -- is actually the second of two children. His older brother, Qiang Guo, died while in middle school, and his parents had another child to fill his place. For a long time, Jen felt pressured by his family and got excellent marks in school, but wished for his older brother to come back to him.
Jen's skills with computers and technology helped the KGB, as they found him first, but also helps the Dealey Five with their operations. Jen totes around a tablet computer that Tama bought him and uses it for everything, often writing code and changing reality with the press of a button. Of all of the Dealey Five members, Jen is closest to Tamasine, going so far as to call him his older brother.

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